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Read Before you Sleep and Get Motivated Next Day

Added on 17 December 2020

  Had a bad day at work? Lost your most favourite accessory? Someone you love left you? Fought at school? Did not get good grades? Failed an exam? Didn’t ace through the job interview? Stuck in problems? Stressed? Frustrated? Anxious? BUT WHY? Who defines what problems are? A problem for one person may be a blessing for someone else. Let’s take an example of a 24 years old boy who does not have a car to travel to his job whereas, someone else in the world having the car would be in the stress of buying a more recent model. Someone would be striving for their life while being on a death bed whereas some others may be celebrating new births in their families. Life is all about how we take it and perceive it. The more we would look towards the problems, the bigger they would seem to us, and the more we look towards the positivity, the more colorful life would be. That is why, as part of the famous proverb, human beings should always count their blessings and not troubles. An individual may come across different situations throughout their day which might make them sad, happy, motivated, frustrated, or angry but one should always keep in mind that all these emotions and feelings are temporary and one feeling may overcome the other very easily. If an individual is sad at a certain point in time, he may become happy the very next moment and that’s why all of us need to learn how to embrace these feelings without being emotionally and psychologically drained. “Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better.” Anonymous. Life does not always come around consistently, rather it is a mixture of moments that are happy and sad, moments that bring excitement and fear, and moments when a person feels he has lived his entire life. Life is a challenge yet an interesting opportunity. The perception of life and its circumstances may vary from person to person based on their experiences. But what matters most is that nobody should lose hope in what life can bring in. Every moment is better than the previous one and every coming day is better than the one passed by.  Whenever you lay in bed, you should think that great things are never achieved remaining in comfort zones. We must be ready to accept and overcome challenges that life brings in, to make us a better human being with every passing day. We may think of ourselves as an individual, but we are connected to our families and friends. Our energies derive their potentials and their energies shape our thoughts and personalities. If everyone adopts this positive approach towards life, it would be really easy to beat all the problems. Before we learn how to stay motivated, it is crucial to analyze what drives our motivation and what leads to low self-esteem. Failure of fear, rejection, unfavourable situations, and heartbreaks all can lead to a demotivated lives and this can be disastrous as it hampers the growth of an individual and serves as an obstacle in both personal and professional development. What can motivation do for us is something highly remarkable. It can change our thoughts to actions and can affect the world and people around us in a healthy way. We may across situations where we feel like, we can’t achieve it or a particular task is beyond our potential but always remember that the time when you lose your motivation, your life turns out to be a worn-out machine, slow and steady. Every problem in life gives you a unique experience, it makes you stronger than the person you were yesterday. It brings the best out of you. Every failure teaches you the lessons, the lesson which will stay with you throughout your lives. Every failure will make your every success worth celebrating and will enable you to cherish all the small and big moments of life. It will enable you to count your small blessings and will make you realize that nothing in life is to be taken for granted. Think for once. What if Thomas Edison had lost his motivation after 999 times in creating the bulb, a source of light, the world today would be without it? It is the self-realization and motivation that makes us able to control different aspects of our lives and allows us to be our boss. No one can make us happy except ourselves. Always take life as a journey and not a destination. Every part of the journey is meant to be enjoyed. While on travel, we may come across thorns, rough routes, and bad weather but we enjoy, we cherish, we adjust and we live. Similarly, life is nothing but a journey and every individual has different experiences of a journey. Just like not all journeys are alike, life is not the same for everyone. For some, it may be a bed of roses while for some, it may be brutal and harsh but it would be foolish to think that others do not come across any problems. Everybody has problems and everyone faces obstacles and this is what adds beauty to life. Just like routine seems lethal, consistency in life would also be lethal. It’s the mixture of sad and happy moments, the mixture of success and failure, and the mixture of heartbreaks and loving moments that make life beautiful and worth living. One of the good approaches on how to stay motivated can be to identify what keeps us motivated and for what we want to stay motivated to? Family, friends, and passion for achieving something can be a great motivational factor behind our success and dreams that we see and desire to achieve can be something for which we want to stay motivated. You should always remember that you are unique with unique abilities and potential. God has created every human being different from others. No two persons are alike therefore, you matter, your existence matters, and your contribution towards living and making this world a better place, matters. Self-motivation is always empowering. It gives enough strength and courage to face life. It is a crucial element to keep you going and gaining. There are majorly 2 kinds of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation encourages you to do something because you find it interesting, exciting, and fun-loving whereas, extrinsic motivation urges you to perform the task. After all, it would give you some external results in form of success and winning. The right attitude is the only key factor behind continuous motivation. Never lose hope because any failure may just be an incident and not a death sentence. Whenever you feel like giving up, remember the moment and motivation that why did you even start in the first place. Whenever you feel like your energies are draining, recall the happy and joyous moments life has given you. Many times, we may intend to stay positive and motivated but lacks the desired direction and such circumstances can be very confusing as our thoughts may not align with our actions leading to an increase in frustration and anxiety. Here are certain simple steps and approaches to adopt and imply motivation in your lives:Stay positive: Always look towards the positive situations and remember the good things that life has given you. Not everybody is blessed with the blessings you have in your life. Show gratitude and life will give you more in return. Dream big: Dreams enable you to aim higher. Nights are for dreaming big and days are for achieving those bigger dreams. Work harder and harder to achieve your goals. See the good in bad: It is very important to look for good even when you are in difficult times (Childs, 2020). This will help the brain and human thought process to drive its energy in a positive direction.Don’t overthink: Overthinking may lead to added stress, anxiety, and frustrations. It may compel you to think of situations and circumstances which may not even occur otherwise. There can be several ways to avoid overthinking, for example, reading a book of your interest, playing your favorite sport, watching a movie, listening to music (Edberg, 2020), cooking, an outdoor walk, or anything that excites you and makes you happy.Keep learning: To achieve success, it is important that a person keeps on learning new skills and brings an innovative idea. Broaden your social circle. Interact with people. Learn from their experiences and tell them yours. Help others: Life is always about giving. What goes around comes around. Make a target to at least bring a smile to the face of one person every day. Extend your help and support whenever and wherever you can and you will see how life will reward you in so many unexpected ways.Track your progress: Always work hard to be a better person than you were today. Try learning new skills. Reflect on the weaknesses and strive for turning them into strengths. Nobody in this world is perfect but keep your aims high and struggle towards achieving your goals.Forgive yourself Learn to forgive yourself. Everybody makes mistakes and everybody makes choices that may not always turn out to be favorable. Do not hold regrets about something you cannot control. Let go of the past, live in the present, and plan your future accordingly. As part of the famous proverb, “the greatest glory of the life is not in not falling but is to rise in every time you fall”. Only those who get up, clean their wounds, and run all over again can see and cross the winning line. Your life will always be how you make it and how you take it. As quoted by Robert Fritz, “If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise”. Something that sounds unreasonable can be converted to being reasonable with your efforts and something that seems impossible can be turned into possibility with an approach that may be unique and brilliant for you. Follow your path and the rest of the world will follow you then. You should know and understand that the entire universe resides within you. The heart, the mind, the senses, the thoughts, the emotions, the feelings, and the combination of all these can make you something you never imagined and dreamt of. Seek for a friend, a companion, or a family member. Sit with them, talk with them. Explore your inner being. Look at the sky and believe that this should be your limit. Embrace your fears and challenges, vent out, and work to overcome them. Connect to nature and you will find solace. Meditate and it will allow positive energies to flow inside you. Appreciate your self on minor achievement. Celebrate your existence and value yourself. Do not hesitate to take a rest when you are tired but do not quit. Always stay optimistic, focused, determined, and passionate about your goals. Enjoy everything that you do and wish to do. Always be grateful when you wake up in the morning that nature has gifted you with another chance to grow, raise, and explore. Why lose faith in yourself when nature has not lost its faith in you? Today, as you lay in bed, reflect on your day. Reflect on the moments that made you happy and reflect on the moments when you made someone else happy. Reflect on the beautiful colours of life and realize how far better life has become from a preceding year. Reflect that the problems which drained your abilities and you in past now seems like a small pebble. Reflect on how you have grown and taken charge of your dreams over time. No problems in life come without a solution. Think from a different perspective, broaden your horizons, and embrace challenges and work hard to solve them. Accept the fact that all your fears are created by no one BUT you. The boundaries and the doubts that stop you from excelling are self-made and self-generated and only you can conquer them for you. Understand the fact that life will not always be rewarding. It will not always be bright. There may be days when the sun may shine a little brighter and there may days when there will be no sun at all. One day you may be happiest of all and the other day may turn out to be rainy and dark but you must not lose hope. Always believe that just as happy moments did not last forever, the sad ones will also fade away sooner. You may have a bad day today but don’t forget it is not the end. It is yet the beginning of another bright and beautiful day. The missed opportunities of today will come in some other form tomorrow. The broken heart will get someone more loving to mend it and life will give you another chance to grow and rise. Have faith that things will always turn out in their best possible way. You just need to give some time and wait for your turn. Believe in yourself, never underestimate your potential, and try to take all the criticism constructively. Let go of negative comments and know that you have the potential to aspire to others. Take chances and take risks because this will bring you out of your comfort zones. This will enable you to explore the traits of your personality and individuality that you did not even know, existed. Always try not to pray for an easy life rather pray that you get all the courage and force to endure and overcome the challenges of the difficult life. Never allow other’s definitions of life to decide yours. Create your definition, stick to it, and be an inspiration to those surrounding you. Before you go to sleep, search for that one person who can change your life. Look into the mirror and you will find the answer. Calm your mind, relax. Let go of all the negative thoughts and experiences of the day. Tomorrow is a new day and hence a new beginning. Today, when you go to sleep, you should know that you are that one bright and the shiniest star in the galaxy which stands out uniquely from all others. You have the potential to change someone’s life (Edberg, 2020) and you have that spark that can help you in making your dreams come true. You should remember that no one can help you BUT you. The only-wisher you have is you. You are your only friend and you are the most sincere person with you. Drive your energies towards positivity, towards achievement, and aim high. Close your eyes, dream, and then wake up tomorrow morning, motivated enough to work hard in making those dreams come true.
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Added on 08 December 2020

Debt leads to fragility. The major concern that could be raised here is a question “how to escape from the trap of debt?” The first thing that needs to be done in order to provide a right and proper answer to this question is the analysis of today’s global economy. The analysis will include the most crucial point of why today’s global economy has become too much debt-dependent. It would be best if you were sure that the concept and idea that this debt-dependence is the result of the central bankers’ whims is a complete misconception. There is no reality in it. The primary and actual cause of this dependency is the increased desire to save rather than to invest. This factor has caused a decrease in the real interest rates and made everything reliant on debt.Eccles had made this point in prominent words and said that if inequality and injustices cross a specific limit and go beyond the boundary, the policymakers will ruin the entire economy that certainly weakens the system because of high unemployment and ever-rising debt.There were two main points made by the paper on savings glut. The first point states that the top 1 percent income distributors’ savings and reserves have increased, all thanks to the rising inequality in the US. This rise in savings is not going along with the rise in investment. In fact, the rate of investment is falling. This increment and rise in the top 1 percent distributions’ savings resulted in the increase in dissaving and usage above income in the bottom 90 percent income distributors.This is the primary cause of the increase in debt. In addition to this, there are college debts that play a significant role in making the life of a student hard, and all their life, they pay for these never-ending debts. It is somewhat true that no matter how hard we try, these debts are always one step ahead of us, and we cannot cope with them. But here are some ideas for you to make the entire process faster and more bearable. It’s a great escape plan for you. Follow these steps to be able to compete with the large amounts of debts that have not only made one’s student life difficult but are an added burden too.Nip it in the BudThe first and the most important thing that should be done while dealing with the debt is to pinch it and get a hold over it in the starting. If you are a student and the only source of debt is from your education, the best thing you could do is make sure not to borrow money anymore. Try to manage your expenses within the amount of money you own. For example, take a situation in which you plan on buying a big thing that retails for a large amount of money. Don’t ever buy it until and unless you have the real money to buy that thing in your hand. Never use your credit card for this purpose, as this is going to increase your debt only. Some people find it challenging to spend consciously while getting a hold of oneself is pretty more uncomplicated. If you are someone who spends lavishly, try and work on your habit to get rid of the debt. The main focus should be on paying the debt that you already have and not on adding more to it.Reshape Your Budget:Let me ask you a simple question. What do you usually do if you get stuck in a situation and can’t find any way out? I don’t know about you, but what I do is sit down at a place, think it over, and find the loopholes. The central part is to try and fill those loopholes. That’s precisely what is needed with the finances. If you are unable to find the reason for your unmanageable expenses and badly want to buy something too expensive, sit down at a place and reconfigure your budget. Include every little expense and find out if you end up with a surplus or a deficit. If it’s a surplus, give all the additional amount in paying off loans and if it’s a deficit, reshape your budget and remove all the unnecessary things. Remember, you have to keep the necessities in the budget only and not the wants.Reserve Money for Emergencies:I’m pretty sure you must be shocked to see this point as we are here talking about an escape plan to get out of all the debt. But trust me, this is a much-needed thing. You would probably be wondering how you would be able to save so much money even when you are already in debt. Leaving a large amount of money aside and that too untouched is pretty unreasonable. But this is also an effective way to save you from taking more debt in the future. For the sake of argument, consider yourself in an emergency situation, and you have no reserve money to deal with the emergency. Wouldn’t you be forced to take more debt? And that is really, very sad. So, always consider having an emergency Piggy Bank with you.Make a Game plan:You are aware of things that lead to debt and various other points that need to be kept in mind while paying off debts. Now, it is the right time to figure out what approach you should take in order to pay off your debts. Let us talk about the number of loans first. If you have only one loan or a single debt on you and have a single interest rate to be worried about: it’s incredible. Make a habit of giving all the extra money to pay off the debt at the end of the month. Another thing that can be done is to set a particular percentage of your monthly income that needs to be given to the debt, no matter what happens. This will save you from having empty pockets at the end of the month.Now, let’s talk about multiple loans. It’s pretty standard as almost all of the people have more than one debt on themselves. There are several different methods to cope with multiple debts. The first is to start paying off the smallest debt, regardless of the interest rate. Although it will not save you a large amount of money in the longer run, it’ll give you relief and save you from any stress because of that debt. Another approach is to arrange your debt in the order of debt with the highest interest rate at first, followed by the ones with low-interest rates. Don’t consider the amount of debt in this case and just pay according to the interest rate. Both of these methods are pretty efficient and smart. So, you can choose anyone that suits you the best. But the main thing to keep in mind is to stay committed to yourself and your finances. Final WordsPaying off debt sucks, but the best thing to do is look for the most efficient ways and try to get rid of these debts as soon as possible.
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